Hello there all! I think we've had this website for almost a week now so I just wanted to make a post updating our progress. This "cyber adventure" ,if you will, has been increasingly exiting to us and we can't wait to post more, and more things here. We are still a long ways off and we have ALOT of Ironing out we need to do but we are convinced we can make this website an excellent experience for anyone who happens to stumble upon it.  

I would say we are still a week or more out (probably a little more) to where we may be comfortable going live on our very own E-shop! however I am very proud to say that our DONATIONS page is up and running.

We should have the first page of our new comic Princess of Nowhere out there very soon. the first nine pages are all written, but we are trying something new to us for the art so bear with us. I'm convinced that people are going to love it, looking at what Eryn has done with the art already.

You may or may not see some changes with the Portfolio pages in weeks to come. certainty some additions, but also maybe some changes in format.

In all we are loving this site POWERED BY SQUARESPACE! and as I said we are excited to see what we can do with it.