Hellboy In Hell Issue 10

Written by, Ryan Chidester

Mike Mignola is the creator of Hellboy, The Amazing Screw-On Head, and more. He also happens to be my favorite artist of all time, full stop. His singular art style and dark sensibilities will attract me and keep me enthralled until death, like a mosquito to a bug-zapper. 

Lately he has been rather notorious among some fans. More often than not when I stumble upon a review of the tenth and final Hellboy In Hell title I am wrought with confusion. Some fans liken the end of the titular character to that of the end of the video game series Mass Effect. Those who have gone through the entirety of Hellboy's journey, and did not like the end, well, I won't say they're crazy, but I don't think they fully understand the body of Mignolas work.

For starters, in order to fully appreciate the tenth issue of Hellboy in Hell one must first read  the Eisner Award winning comic he created with his daughter titled The Magician and the Snake, which you can read (Here). For further understanding allow me to explain it like this: put yourself not in the shoes of an artist, nor the head of a franchise but instead put yourself in the shoes of a father. Mignola's daughter, Katie, who was seven at the time became the youngest winner of an Eisner Award, and it would surprise me greatly if Mignola wasn't the proudest father in the world that day.  He has gone on record time and time again as saying that this story above all others is his favorite creation. 

When I came to the end of Hellboy's journey I set down my copy and I had a weep. Knowing that he ended the story of this character who means so much to him, along with the shapes from The Snake and the Magician which mean even more to him, overwhelmed me. It was so personal and it represented, in my opinion, an almost omnipotent form of solace. As Hellboy walked to the house in the end, there were a few pages of him walking, and there was no dialog, but you could hear him thinking right there from the page. The whole thing was a perfect quiet ending, no fanfare, no drums of war, but peace for a restless soul combined with the wonderful underlying tones of a father's love.