Stream of Consciousness / ALIEN

(Warning scattered thoughts)

Good day all! as some of you may know there is a new page out of Princess of Nowhere! It is very exiting. Page 2 oh my god! If you are new to the Inked Owl website here you can find Princess of Nowhere in the comics section of the menu. Any who, how is everyone? fine I hope. you know something? I was thinking earlier. It's hard to not notice that the United States of America is going through what can only be described as very peculiar times. It's times like this where we must remember that we the little people (as I'm sure no one of note will read this) are the biggest cog in the machine that may tip the world in one way or another. I'm not talking "good" or "evil" I'm talking extremes. When thinking about the best for the world, it is in my opinion that one must keep a level head. Also to laugh and make light of our worldly predicament is an asset. laughter is truly the best medicine. Or I could just be crazy, that too is a possibility. Jeez, sorry, anyway back to the comic we should have page three out in a little bit. Eryn want's to redraw it so it may be a little while. However you can rest assured that we are working hard to get it to you. 

Last night we had been watching Alien and Aliens whilst working on art-ing. The Alien movies are some of our absolute favorite movies. I know we have a lot of favorite movies but Alien is most certainly up there. However, watching this glorious film last night brought up some negative emotions. I know right? negative emotions from Sigourney Weaver being the worlds BEST badass? Let me explain. I am upset because of Prometheus 2. Now I am not one of those people that despise Prometheus to the core of my being . I actually enjoyed the movie and would like to see another one. No, the reason for my disgruntled-ness is because the next Prequel movies have postponed an already green lit new Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver. Now as much as I liked the prequel it cannot possibly quell my thirst for a new freaking Alien with Ellen Ripley herself!

Any who, sorry about all that, I hope every one out there is having a good week!