October: The Roller Coaster

Hello there my children of the night! it's Ryan here with another blog post. we've got some new posts in the Inktober section of the portfolio. Very notably Eryn also has made several lovely additions to the fan art section. Wendigo, from the NBC show Hannibal, which my brother and I have been watching avidly. And a piece based upon the show Mob-Psycho. I love these additions, as we certainly hope many others will. 

I cannot believe that we are already nearing the end of October. This October, for us anyway, has not been the most forgiving one we have ever had. However yesterday was my little brothers birthday and as such it is cause for celebration. I wish all who have birthdays this month a very happy one, in fact I wish all a very happy month. This weekend I think we shall carve pumpkins, I am sad to say that the pumpkins I had grown over the summer have not done as well as I once had hoped. I grew Atlantic giants and though I expected them to be temperamental I did not expect a temperament of that particular magnitude. I believe next year however I shall have it down.

Speaking of the season I think I will start writing a blog post about all the films we have watched during our "October Midnight Movie-Fest." For those who do not know we have watched a horror, or Halloween themed film every night in the month of October  starting with Dracula on the eve of the first. This movie fest has been extremely fun. the coolest part, I think has been arranging a sort of bouquet of films, all with a particular order and reason for watching. The crowning jewel of the festival will end with the movie "American Werewolf in London." which I watch every Halloween as it is my favorite.

Also and speaking of doing something every day of October we may create a zine compiling Eryns Inktober posts. I think this would be fun, we have seen a couple artists do this and thought it would be a good Idea. Which some how reminds me that we have almost finished the next page of "Princess of Nowhere" and hope to get that to you guys as soon as possible!