Let's Talk Rainy Days and Art

Um hey there! Ryan here, out of the Eryn X Ryan Combo. how are ya? Sorry about the whole getting used to updating blog's things. Jeez sorry about the whole "new to running a website" thing, but hey I don't mean to sound vain, but I don't think we're doing bad. we're certainly still under constructions. Our E-shop is still on the way, we have to figure out how we're going to sell the prints and such for the shop as quality is undoubtedly a priority for us. 

WHAT has been going on there with you guys? It's fall! and my god it's been a glorious Washington State rainy day today. to set the scene for you here we are working on stuff whilst watching the rain out the window, enjoying a nice steaming cup of Cascade Pride double french coffee. the only thing missing is a roaring wood fire, which is not outside the realm of possibility. I've met a lot of people around town who say they don't enjoy this weather. these people are undoubtedly ''living in the wrong place. Personally rainy days are my favorite, and I don't just mean for staying inside it's actually my favorite time for physical activity as well. rainy day bike rides are nothing short of exquisitely invigorating.

Let's talk art for a moment. Via twitter we have encountered and followed ALOT of amazing artists. one in particularly awesome artist is Michelle Stanford who creates an amazing comic series called Centralia 2050. I implore anyone interested in web comics or cyber punk to check it out on her website. Also there is a kick-starter going on for a Centralia 2050 print edition. this project really deserves it so check it out here