Blog Lag

Hey there everyone! how's your Saturday going? I hope it's good. Hope you are having a relaxing day after your full week of working or schooling or whatever exhaustive junk you got to do. Sorry about the BLOG LAG! I'll get better at this I promise. But hey I'm here now for you. speaking of here for you our contact page is actually running. I found out a week ago that I never actually set it up, but it is up now and I apologize for any inconvenience. 

Page four of Princess of Nowhere is up. we learn a little more about our mysterious heroine. and there is more to come. you can view page four HERE.

As of tonight Eryn made a new fan art piece of Lupin III. You can view more fan art HERE.

Tonight we are going to work on some more original characters hopefully they will turn out good enough to post sometime. Also we are going to go see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. Busy night! SHAZAM! Hey, can I take the time to thank each and every one of you for supporting our stuff. thank. you. all. very. much. we'll get more cool stuff to you soon. there are some great pages of Princess of nowhere coming out. it's all exiting.

Don't forget to comment on stuff or message us. we would love to hear from you all.



Stream of Consciousness / ALIEN

(Warning scattered thoughts)

Good day all! as some of you may know there is a new page out of Princess of Nowhere! It is very exiting. Page 2 oh my god! If you are new to the Inked Owl website here you can find Princess of Nowhere in the comics section of the menu. Any who, how is everyone? fine I hope. you know something? I was thinking earlier. It's hard to not notice that the United States of America is going through what can only be described as very peculiar times. It's times like this where we must remember that we the little people (as I'm sure no one of note will read this) are the biggest cog in the machine that may tip the world in one way or another. I'm not talking "good" or "evil" I'm talking extremes. When thinking about the best for the world, it is in my opinion that one must keep a level head. Also to laugh and make light of our worldly predicament is an asset. laughter is truly the best medicine. Or I could just be crazy, that too is a possibility. Jeez, sorry, anyway back to the comic we should have page three out in a little bit. Eryn want's to redraw it so it may be a little while. However you can rest assured that we are working hard to get it to you. 

Last night we had been watching Alien and Aliens whilst working on art-ing. The Alien movies are some of our absolute favorite movies. I know we have a lot of favorite movies but Alien is most certainly up there. However, watching this glorious film last night brought up some negative emotions. I know right? negative emotions from Sigourney Weaver being the worlds BEST badass? Let me explain. I am upset because of Prometheus 2. Now I am not one of those people that despise Prometheus to the core of my being . I actually enjoyed the movie and would like to see another one. No, the reason for my disgruntled-ness is because the next Prequel movies have postponed an already green lit new Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver. Now as much as I liked the prequel it cannot possibly quell my thirst for a new freaking Alien with Ellen Ripley herself!

Any who, sorry about all that, I hope every one out there is having a good week!

October: The Roller Coaster

Hello there my children of the night! it's Ryan here with another blog post. we've got some new posts in the Inktober section of the portfolio. Very notably Eryn also has made several lovely additions to the fan art section. Wendigo, from the NBC show Hannibal, which my brother and I have been watching avidly. And a piece based upon the show Mob-Psycho. I love these additions, as we certainly hope many others will. 

I cannot believe that we are already nearing the end of October. This October, for us anyway, has not been the most forgiving one we have ever had. However yesterday was my little brothers birthday and as such it is cause for celebration. I wish all who have birthdays this month a very happy one, in fact I wish all a very happy month. This weekend I think we shall carve pumpkins, I am sad to say that the pumpkins I had grown over the summer have not done as well as I once had hoped. I grew Atlantic giants and though I expected them to be temperamental I did not expect a temperament of that particular magnitude. I believe next year however I shall have it down.

Speaking of the season I think I will start writing a blog post about all the films we have watched during our "October Midnight Movie-Fest." For those who do not know we have watched a horror, or Halloween themed film every night in the month of October  starting with Dracula on the eve of the first. This movie fest has been extremely fun. the coolest part, I think has been arranging a sort of bouquet of films, all with a particular order and reason for watching. The crowning jewel of the festival will end with the movie "American Werewolf in London." which I watch every Halloween as it is my favorite.

Also and speaking of doing something every day of October we may create a zine compiling Eryns Inktober posts. I think this would be fun, we have seen a couple artists do this and thought it would be a good Idea. Which some how reminds me that we have almost finished the next page of "Princess of Nowhere" and hope to get that to you guys as soon as possible! 


Let's Talk Rainy Days and Art

Um hey there! Ryan here, out of the Eryn X Ryan Combo. how are ya? Sorry about the whole getting used to updating blog's things. Jeez sorry about the whole "new to running a website" thing, but hey I don't mean to sound vain, but I don't think we're doing bad. we're certainly still under constructions. Our E-shop is still on the way, we have to figure out how we're going to sell the prints and such for the shop as quality is undoubtedly a priority for us. 

WHAT has been going on there with you guys? It's fall! and my god it's been a glorious Washington State rainy day today. to set the scene for you here we are working on stuff whilst watching the rain out the window, enjoying a nice steaming cup of Cascade Pride double french coffee. the only thing missing is a roaring wood fire, which is not outside the realm of possibility. I've met a lot of people around town who say they don't enjoy this weather. these people are undoubtedly ''living in the wrong place. Personally rainy days are my favorite, and I don't just mean for staying inside it's actually my favorite time for physical activity as well. rainy day bike rides are nothing short of exquisitely invigorating.

Let's talk art for a moment. Via twitter we have encountered and followed ALOT of amazing artists. one in particularly awesome artist is Michelle Stanford who creates an amazing comic series called Centralia 2050. I implore anyone interested in web comics or cyber punk to check it out on her website. Also there is a kick-starter going on for a Centralia 2050 print edition. this project really deserves it so check it out here



Hello there all! I think we've had this website for almost a week now so I just wanted to make a post updating our progress. This "cyber adventure" ,if you will, has been increasingly exiting to us and we can't wait to post more, and more things here. We are still a long ways off and we have ALOT of Ironing out we need to do but we are convinced we can make this website an excellent experience for anyone who happens to stumble upon it.  

I would say we are still a week or more out (probably a little more) to where we may be comfortable going live on our very own E-shop! however I am very proud to say that our DONATIONS page is up and running.

We should have the first page of our new comic Princess of Nowhere out there very soon. the first nine pages are all written, but we are trying something new to us for the art so bear with us. I'm convinced that people are going to love it, looking at what Eryn has done with the art already.

You may or may not see some changes with the Portfolio pages in weeks to come. certainty some additions, but also maybe some changes in format.

In all we are loving this site POWERED BY SQUARESPACE! and as I said we are excited to see what we can do with it.

Hellboy In Hell Issue 10

Written by, Ryan Chidester

Mike Mignola is the creator of Hellboy, The Amazing Screw-On Head, and more. He also happens to be my favorite artist of all time, full stop. His singular art style and dark sensibilities will attract me and keep me enthralled until death, like a mosquito to a bug-zapper. 

Lately he has been rather notorious among some fans. More often than not when I stumble upon a review of the tenth and final Hellboy In Hell title I am wrought with confusion. Some fans liken the end of the titular character to that of the end of the video game series Mass Effect. Those who have gone through the entirety of Hellboy's journey, and did not like the end, well, I won't say they're crazy, but I don't think they fully understand the body of Mignolas work.

For starters, in order to fully appreciate the tenth issue of Hellboy in Hell one must first read  the Eisner Award winning comic he created with his daughter titled The Magician and the Snake, which you can read (Here). For further understanding allow me to explain it like this: put yourself not in the shoes of an artist, nor the head of a franchise but instead put yourself in the shoes of a father. Mignola's daughter, Katie, who was seven at the time became the youngest winner of an Eisner Award, and it would surprise me greatly if Mignola wasn't the proudest father in the world that day.  He has gone on record time and time again as saying that this story above all others is his favorite creation. 

When I came to the end of Hellboy's journey I set down my copy and I had a weep. Knowing that he ended the story of this character who means so much to him, along with the shapes from The Snake and the Magician which mean even more to him, overwhelmed me. It was so personal and it represented, in my opinion, an almost omnipotent form of solace. As Hellboy walked to the house in the end, there were a few pages of him walking, and there was no dialog, but you could hear him thinking right there from the page. The whole thing was a perfect quiet ending, no fanfare, no drums of war, but peace for a restless soul combined with the wonderful underlying tones of a father's love.  



About Our Blog!

For our first entry we would like to go over our hopes and aspirations for this blog. It will obviously serve as a message board for our own works and appearances, but mostly for the blog we would like to talk a lot about, and showcase the works of, local and upcoming artists. The comics and illustration industries are chock-full of artists who simply need more darn attention! and we would like to do our part for their respective communities, small though that part may be. Either way if something catches our eye you better bet we'll have a post about it. we are still trying to figure this whole website thing out so bear with us and we promise we will do the best to our abilities to give you some grade A stuff.